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My customers ask me all of the time what products to use at the first signs of aging, generally first noticed around the mouth, nose, and eyes.  Well the good news is my Vitamin C Serum, which I recently modified and improved, provides superior hydration to any type of skin as well as conditions delicate or irritated skin.  Application of this serum fights free radical damage caused by the harsh environment and pollutants such as sun and wind exposure, cigarette/cigar/pipe smoke, and those few too many glasses of wine you had last night.  A known major anti-oxidant, it is well established that providing your skin with Vitamin C is essential in maintaining its good health.  The Mitochondria, which is the energizing body in the dermis, controls the production of collagen and elastin.  Application of a Vitamin C product such as my serum helps to give the triggering effect to the Mitochondria for it to produce more collagen.

The good news with my newly formulated Vitamin C Serum is that it contains 10% stabilized Vitamin C with a new Rice Extract that has been known to provide superior skin protection, improve hydration, and regulate the cells, and is available just a click away:  Vitamin C Serum.

Written by Pam Boosalis — September 25, 2012


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