Bosali Skin Care

Glycolic Renew 10%

This product contains glycolic acid, which aids in dissolving internal cellular "cement" responsible for abnormal keratinization by helping slough off dead skin cells.  The aAloe helps heal and soothe the skin and reduce inflammation after the sloughing process, and the glyceryl stearate aids in moisture maintenance and natural elasticity, while also protecting the skin from free radical damage and water loss by forming a protective barrier on the skin's surface.  Start by applying on clean dry skin every other night for two weeks then every night as needed to remove dead skin cells.  After two weeks try only using twice a week for best results.


I'm Pam Boosalis and WELCOME to your link to becoming a new, revitalized, and refreshed, YOU! My thirty-plus years of experience as a licensed esthetician have given me the ability to present a collection of facial skin care and spa products suited to your skin type that will best help you, in the comfort of your own home, help put your best face forward day in and night out.