Bosali Skin Care

Refreshing Anti-Puff Eye Gel

This lightweight gel, in a convenient, roller-ball tube applicator, is easily used with other moisturizers or sun protection formulas.  Its blend of essential oils and antioxidants such as CoQ10 and Japanese green tea decongests puffy eyes and, in clinical studies, has resulted in a decrease in eye bag thickness in 65% of test subjects after 28 days of use as well as indicated a 25% reduction of capillary permeability (darkness under eyes) as well.  Bring back youth to your eyes in less than a month!  1 oz.


I'm Pam Boosalis and WELCOME to your link to becoming a new, revitalized, and refreshed, YOU! My thirty-plus years of experience as a licensed esthetician have given me the ability to present a collection of facial skin care and spa products suited to your skin type that will best help you, in the comfort of your own home, help put your best face forward day in and night out.